How awesome that you are interested in becoming a candidate in the Council Elections! Here are instructions for how to stand as a candidate.

  1. The only thing you need to be a candidate is enthusiasm to act as an advocate in and for our student community!
  2. Ponder whether you want to join an Electoral Alliance or stand as a nonpartisan candidate. The current representatives and their affiliations can be found on the Council-subpage. Electoral Alliances and Electoral Circles announced to the Central Election Committee 2 September 2024 by 16:00 o’clock will be updated to the subpage Electoral Alliances and Circles with their contact information, making it easy for you to contact Alliances you might be interested in!
  3. Go on TREY’s Electoral documents -subpage and fill in the electronic Candidacy Announcement between 12 August and 29 September 2024. The Candidacy Announcement forms requires signup via personal Tuni-ID.
  4. The form asks for your personal information. Fill in the required spaces carefully and then press send.
  5. TREY’s Central Election Committee will convene to confirm the Candidacy Announcements after the nomination of candidates has ended. After this, you will officially be a candidate! All candidates will be updated to the Candidates-subpage.