TREY’s newsletter contains events that are interesting for the community and information about current matters in the student union, the University and Tampere. TREY’s newsletter is published on Fridays. The student union is continuously forwarding information for the communication organisers of associations, and they can send newsletters about this information forward. In addition, the student union has newsletters concerning educational affairs and social affairs for those who are interested.

The Student Union’s newsletters are sent via Mailchimp. Subscribe to the newsletter on Mailchimp’s subscription page.


We communicate matters concerning all students via our open Telegram information channel! The Telegram information channel communicates current issues of the Student Union and it will also support the University’s communication of, for example, coronavirus instructions and other themes concerning the entire community. You can join the information channel via this Telegram invite link!

Telegram is an instant messaging application that can be downloaded for e.g. Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS. Telegram is in active use in many associations operating within TREY. TREY’s Telegram information channel is managed by TREY’s communications sector, which you can contact

Email lists

The student union collects the contact information of associations as their operatives change. The contact information of associations that should be added to these email lists is collected by the student union via one online form. Please contact our communications sector if you have any questions!


For the subscribing to the associations’ email lists, contact the student union’s association sector.  The lists are: Here you can sen announcements that you wish to reach all boards of association within the student union. Please note that the list is bilingual. Here you can send announcements that you wish to reach every association. The communication organisers of associations will forward the announcements to their own newsletters or equivalents. Please note that the list is bilingual, and the messages cannot contain attachments. Because we get many questions regarding forwarding messages on research and thesis work, we have decided to consider them at our own discretion.

Email list of the chairs of subject associations with student intake:

Email list of the international organisers of associations:

Email list of the educational affairs organisers of associations:

Email list of the social affairs organisers of associations:

Email list of event organisers:

Email list of alumni organisers:

Council of Representatives

TREY’s council’s email list:


For the tutoring email lists, contact the student union’s tutoring sector. The lists are:

Email list of all tutors:

Email list of all international student tutors:

Email list of the associations’ tutoring organisers:

Student representatives

Educational affairs organisers and student representatives operating within the student union can be found at the following email lists. The lists are administered by the student union’s Specialists in educational affairs.

Educational affairs organisers:

Student representatives:


Contact the corresponding student union sector if you want to join these email lists.

For everyone interested in educational affairs:

For anyone interested in social affairs and the social affairs organisers:

For everyone interested in international affairs:

Table tents

TREY’s table tents are printouts that are distributed to the University restaurants once a month, and they contain the student union’s current news, events and advocacy news. The table tents are put together by TREY’s communication sector, who would gladly hear your feedback!

Student union’s calendar

The student union’s calendars are distributed together with the student cards and the annual registration stickers for members at the beginning of each fall semester.

Student media

Read more about TREY’s Student media here on it’s own page.