For the whole academic year 2022-2023, the fee is 65 euros. For students coming for one semester only, the fee is 32,5 euros for autumn semester and 32,5 euros for spring semester. The FSHS fee is paid seperately to Kela if you are a degree student. Read the instructions on paying the FSHS fee on Kela website. Starting from spring 2021 the exchange students receive health care services from public health care in Tampere and do not have to pay the FSHS fee.

The membership fee for doctoral students for the whole academic year is 35 euros. Students enrolling only for one semester pay half of the fee (17,50 euros). Unfortunately doctoral students are not entitled to the services of FSHS, so they do not pay health care fee either.

The funds collected from the membership fees are used to fund the advocacy work of the student and to maintain member services, including funding for student associations.

If you wish to use the sport facilities of SportUni, you must pay their fee separately. The SportUni fee for the whole academic year is 84 euros. The fee for the autumn semester is 48 euros, and for the spring semester 54 euros. Please check SportUni webpage for instructions how you get access to their services. You need to be present for the year / semester to use the sports services.

How to pay the membership fee?

The deadline for payments is 1 September 2022 in the autumn semester and 5 January 2023 in the spring semester.

The instructions for credit card payments in campus in the autumn 2022 are still updating. Card payments should be possible at our city centre Service Office starting in August. Follow this page for updates. Students who have a bank account in a SEPA (Single Euro Payments Area) country may use online banking, since additional fees will not be charged. Additionally, students can pay the membership fee at some Finnish banks, but this requires a Finnish personal identity code and ensuring that the bank office in question accepts payments. The payment slip with a reference number can be collected from the Student Affairs Office. Keep the receipt from the payment, as you will need it until you have your student card in your hands. Degree students can enroll and pay the membership fee on OILI -service.

I paid even though I’ve enrolled as absent / I paid too much / I made some other mistake.

Please contact the student union ( or Student Affairs Office. If you contact us by email, be sure to include your bank account information and student number. In case you have paid too much or paid when you did not need to, the money will be refunded to you. If you have already paid the student union memberhip fee, but decide to enrol as absent for the semester the last day for refund is 1 September in the autumn semester and 5 January in the spring semester.

Why hasn’t my membership fee been processed yet?

There might be at least two different reasons. First, electronic payments have a short delay due to the refreshing interval of the databases. Second, TREY receives the information about bank transfers on the next day. As the banks remain closed on Saturday and Sunday, money paid on the account on Friday will not reach us until Monday morning at the earliest. Once the student union receives the information about the payment, it will be logged into the student register during the same day.

If even after several days your payment doens’t show, please contact us or Student Affairs Office. Attach your membership fee receipt to your message.

Student benefits and enrolling as present

To take advantage of student benefits, you must be registered as present at the Tampere University and pay the membership fee to the student union. A student of Tampere University doing exchange studies elsewhere must also enroll as present in Tampere for the duration of their exchange in order to receive the annual registration sticker on the student card. Please note that if you enroll as absent, you will not receive the annual registration sticker and the student benefits will not apply to you. Exchange students and new students in the degree programmes in English need to register at Tampere University in person.

I can’t come to TREY’s office to get the sticker

There are couple of ways you can get the sticker without visiting TREY Service Office or Student Affairs Office:

Please send your student card to us by post and be sure to include a return envelope with paid postage and your address. See our contact information on the Contact page here.

Someone else can get your sticker for you, if they have your student card with them.

You can collect the sticker from some other Student Union in Finland. If you wish to do so, please contact about the arrangements.

The membership fee and graduating at the beginning of the term

If you have paid the fee for the autumn term unnecessarily, you can apply for a refund until end of September. Students who graduate in September must enroll for the new academic year and pay the membership fee of the student union for the autumn term.

If you have paid the fee for the spring term unnecessarily and graduate in January, you can get a refund until February. Students who graduate in February or later must pay the membership fee for the spring term. The fee for the spring term can be paid in December and enrolment for the spring term can be done until 5 January 2023.

Please apply the refund from Student Affairs Office: or call 0294 520 200 or contact

How do I get the payment information if I’ve temporarily suspended my studies?

You will get the payment information from the university’s Student Affairs Office.