Consultation services for students

The specialists of TREY consult their members in all questions regarding studying and student life and problematic situations. You can confidentially contact the specialists with questions regarding studying, subsistence and housing. You can find the contact information of the specialists from the contact page. You can also send general questions and requests for assistance to, if you are not sure who you should contact.

  • the Specialists in Educational Affairs answer questions regarding studies, the legal protection of students and the administration of the university and the faculties.
  • the Specialist in International Affairs and Advocacy answers questions regarding internationalisation, international Master’s studies and exchange studies and consults international students.
  • The Specialists in Social Affairs answer questions regarding subsistence, housing, healthcare, well-being and equality.

The student union has two harassment contact persons who help and consult students in equality matters, read more about it on its own subpage here.

Legal counselling

The members of TREY are entitled to free legal counselling from the law firm Magnusson Law. The counselling is available by informing the law firm that you are a customer of TREY’s legal counselling. The contact person can be reached via

The counselling is provided on the phone or at the law firm’s facilities at Technopolis in Kalevantie 2. Actual lawyer services, document drafting and other measures are not included in the service. For more information about legal counselling, contact the Specialist in Social Affairs Ilona Taubert (, +358 50 361 2846).

Support for studies and student life

From the advocacy page, you can find information and support regarding studies and student life, such as healthcare and well-being.

Information about the rights and responsibilities of students at the university and about subsistence can be found here.

There are many different sources at the university and outside of it that can help with problems in studies. You can read about these services here.

You can find information about well-being, subsistence and healthcare from the social affairs page.

You can find information about internationalisation from the internationality page.